Fire and Life Safety Director Course


Coming December 2021


Fire and Life Safety Director Course

Fire and Life Safety Director Course

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The FLSD course has three components:

share a single exam the FDNY mandated Curriculum is 11 hours of material.

An FLSD Certificate of Completion And Letter will be awarded to those who qualify after successfully completing the three components listed above and taking a final examination for each with a passing score of at least 70% These three components may also be taken separately when available.

The FLSD Certificate of Completion is the first step for new applicants in achieving an FLS Director Certificate of Fitness, T89 or F89. The Certificate of Completion is valid for 9 months for the purpose of taking the follow-up FDNY computer-based (CBT) ‘Fire Component’ examination (at FDNY). After passing this examination, the candidate has to take and pass the ‘Non-Fire Emergencies’ CBT component examination. (at FDNY) The applicant then has a year to take and pass an “On-Site” examination which is scheduled through FDNY and place of employment.