About us

We are a fully accredited HVAC trade school with proven successful training programs year after year.  We have courses for every area of engineering both virtual and in person.  We are committed to our student’s success and have developed a more personal approach to teaching that has proven highly successful.


About the Instructor

Stephen Carbone has been teaching Refrigeration for over 15 years. During that time he has taught for a variety of schools including Laguardia Community College, Local union 891, Nugent Associates and SUNY Maritime just to name a few.  During these years he has continued to provide proven successful education.  His training programs year after year have been the bridge to success for all of his students.  He has also recently been awarded the prestigious President’s Award from National Association of Power Engineers NYSA for his continued efforts in delivering high quality education to maximize student learning and awarded engineer of the year 2021. He also currently holds the highest pass rate in New York City. 

National Association of Power Engineers​

(N.A.P.E.) is the oldest engineering association in the United States, organized in 1882. Active for 140 years, and the longest-standing engineering association in the country, N.A.P.E. is dedicated to the purpose of providing advancement through educational opportunities to its members. Through educational courses, books, newsletters, a quarterly magazine, chapter meetings, and conventions, N.A.P.E. helps bring new information and technology to power engineers across the nation to ensure safe and responsible engineering practices.